What nutrition apps work with Fitbit?

May 10, 20235 min read

Optimize your diet and reach your desired weight faster by linking ShapeGanic to your Fitbit account. This gives you access to your daily calorie consumption and body weight records. In order to lose fat or build muscle, you must control your calorie intake. Either a deficit or a surplus must be achieved respectively. Calorie counters are very effective to determine the calorie intake. But what if, on the other hand, your calorie consumption varies from day to day? This article describes how ShapeGanic's Fitbit integration solves this issue.

What free calorie counter syncs with Fitbit?
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BMR, total and activity calories at a glance!

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Tracking your calories is important, as is regularly recording your body weight. The latter is especially important to determine the effectiveness of your diet. However, to lose fat or gain muscle, two factors are important: a) calorie intake and b) calorie expenditure. For example, if you want to build muscle, but your calorie consumption is too high, you will tend to lose weight despite a high calorie intake. At the same time, you can lose body fat not only by reducing your calorie intake, but also by increasing your calorie consumption.

This issue is pretty challenging which is why ShapeGanic provides a free Fitbit integration. With this, you can access your activity values recorded with a fitness tracker, such as your basal metabolic rate, total and activity calories. You also get both read and write access to your Fitbit weight log. So you can not only inspect weight log values tracked with Fitbit, but also add, change, and delete them. All of this is automatically synchronized with the Fitbit platform.

It's really that simple!

Connecting to Fitbit is a no brainer. You'll either see banners in the dashboard pointing you to this feature, or you can go into the ShapeGanic settings. These are accessible from almost any screen. As you can see on the following picture, you just have to click on the top menu item. After that you will be redirected to Fitbit in a browser window. Here you have to enter your Fitbit username (email address) and password. Afterwards you will be asked if you want to give ShapeGanic access to the displayed data. Please check all boxes and grant ShapeGanic access to the corresponding data types. This is the only way to ensure smooth functionality.

What is the best app to use with Fitbit?

Your data obtained from Fitbit is only stored locally on your phone and is never sent to our servers or to third parties. Data protection has top priority for ShapeGanic! You have the possibility to revoke ShapeGanic's access to your Fitbit data at any time. You can do this either via the Fitbit app or via the Fitbit web portal.

This feature makes your life easier...

You're in the middle of a strict diet and you're hungry on a regular basis. And you think of nothing but a large pizza, but at the same time do not want to sabotage your diet. Then simply increase your daily calorie limit for one day, e.g. by 1000 kcal, by being very active and consequently burning activity calories. ShapeGanic offers you the option to add activity calories obtained from Fitbit to your calorie limit and proportionally to your macronutrient limits. This way your calorie limits are not static, but automatically adjust to your daily activity level!

How do I sync my Fitbit with calorie counter?

With this adaptive approach, your diet will be a breeze and you'll have the ability to "go off the rails" while successfully dieting.

BMR, activity and total calories - Everything at a glance

With so many numbers, a clear presentation makes the difference between success and failure! BMR, activity and total calories are clearly displayed with deviation from the previous day. Either as a weekly or monthly overview, you get a chronological progression of the respective values. This way you can track your activity level as well as your calorie consumption for the selected day and period.

What calorie app syncs with Fitbit?

Distinctive color codes and simple symbols make the interface easy to understand at a glance. This allows you to evaluate your nutrition as well as your activity values over time.

Your weight log composed in one place

ShapeGanic provides an easy way to track your body weight. Do you also use the weight diary features of the Fitbit app or even a Fitbit compatible scale and do you want to access all sources of weight data from one place?

With ShapeGanic you can easily access your Fitbit weight entries. You have both read and write access. This means you can not only view your weight entries as shown in the image below, but also add, change or even delete entries. These events are synchronized with Fitbit.

How do I see weight on Fitbit?

You have everything you need to achieve your fitness goals and get one step closer to getting in shape. You can extensively evaluate your nutrition, your physical activity, as well as your body weight and make optimizations based on that. And all these features are unrestricted and 100% free of charge!

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Lose Weight and Build Muscle

You read articles like this one because you have real goals. You want to achieve something, something that is important to you. You want to lose some weight to feel more comfortable, to be healthier, or to please yourself more. You want to build up muscles in order to have a slim and beautiful physique in the future. Supplements can be very helpful here, but at the end of the day, your total daily calories and the macronutrient distribution make the difference between success and failure!

Is There a Free Calorie Counter? Will Calorie Counter Help Me Lose Weight?
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With the right calorie counter, your goal is in sight!

Total Calories and Macronutrient Distribution

To stay on track, you need to control your calories and keep an eye on them. But also the macronutrient distribution, i.e. the ratio of eaten protein, carbohydrates and fats, is extremely important. Determining these values daily by hand in a spreadsheet is very time-consuming and frustrating. To help you out, I'm providing you with a 100% free calorie counter app. It also helps you to log your weight and analyze it graphically. What are you waiting for? Start NOW!

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