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Get the most advanced and easiest to use calorie counter and weight tracker! Develop an awareness of the nutritional value of your food and build better habits! What are you waiting for? Get ShapeGanic now for free!

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Graphical Evaluation of Your Eating Habits

Gain insight into your diet. ShapeGanic graphically displays your nutrition over time. So you can see the distribution of your calories and macronutrients for each day.

Count Calories, Proteins, Carbohydrates and Fats!

Intuitive and fast tracking of calories and macronutrients. Create your food manually or use the full text or barcode search. Fundamental calorie and macronutrient values are displayed at a glance. Benefit from ShapeGanic's world-class diet analysis.

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Search Our Food Database

With our constantly growing food database you create entries easily and quickly. You can also save time by duplicating your meal entries. You can either duplicate a day full of entries to future dates or duplicate individual meals from the previous day with just one click!

Recipes & Favorites

With ShapeGanic it’s simple to create recipes, without any restrictions! Each food you tracked is automatically added to your favorites list. To create recipes, simply enter the number of portions and the name of the recipe. Done!

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You Want to Gain or Lose Weight?

Get immediate feedback after entering your current weight. ShapeGanic's analytics tools always provide you with the highest user experience possible. Success is within your reach!

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Graphical Evaluation of Your Body Weight Development

View your weight history graphically. Weekly, monthly, yearly overview or beyond? No problem with ShapeGanic. Find out how much weight you have gained or lost, including the highest and lowest values.

Weight tracking at a glance

A strict diet and an intensive workout routine are challenging. The least thing you need is a confusing weight diary. ShapeGanic displays your body weight entries intuitively and easily to understand. Each entry includes a success indicator.

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Set goals for calories and macronutrients!

Let ShapeGanic calculate your calorie needs and set limits for calories, proteins, carbohydrates and fats. An easy to use dialog is at your disposal.

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All functions without restrictions, free of charge! Not possible? Yes, it is! You don’t want to sign up and want to stay anonymous? You also want to track calories, macros and your bodyweight offline? ShapeGanic has got you covered!

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